Personas and User Experience Mapping

After read the 2 readings,i have remember one sentence:” if you don’t know who you’re design for ,you can’t actually design anything.”

Personas and User Experience Mapping is a good way to remind designer do not forget who they designer for.Act or find some group of the user to meet their need can help designer to know which is the user really want.organized it and show it in a map,designer can easily find what they should do next step.

But there is a very important things is do not too superstitious about it because sometimes your user don’t know what they really want.So,”Opinions are good but motivation is better”.It is better to understand why they do or think from your map.

I found some example about the map,and we will use this method in next week about our museum research too.




There is a picture i use to make a user map.



SAURO,J.2012.7 Core Ideas About Personas And The User Experience[Online].Measuring Usability.Available: 11 Oct.2015].

ADAPTIVE PATH.2013.Guide to Experience Mapping[Online].Adaptive Path.Available: 14 Sept 2014]

UXLady.2013. Experience maps,user journeys and more…



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